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After I (Richard Kniest) years I played with pigeons, alone and I've focused in various combinations with many great successes and championships to growing youngsters, not in 2016 I go home at the races play together with my daughter Brittney (We begin 2016 with about 100 youngsters and some summer Young 2015). Up To 2002 I played in Didam with my father and won many championships and top performance, in the years 70 I played with my father on Saturday pilots because his boss was President of the Association of Saturday kites and great results were achieved among others. with Old Rooie and Bonte, top prizes at all distances. In 1995 We played the 1st Ruffec this was also the 1st Rhine and IJssel with 3922 pigeons, Unfortunately no pigeon national otherwise this was also the 1st been nationally with 45 minutes ahead. (see Eijerkamp book from start 1995/1996). I already from my 2 yearlings see history beautiful pictures of myself in the year 1964 at the White Mill with my father and uncles. In 2002 The last year I played with my father we were still 7 Vitesse champion on the designated section 9 with about 3200 membership. In May 2003 I moved to Borne and have only played there until 2004 to address the Enk, after illness (2004) and move to the Merciusplein I had to start again and when we got in 2005 told that the house was demolished and rebuilt after the gardens were small pieces when I decided after consulting house- Construction narrowing to move again after a different address, which is my current address to the Nachtegaalstraat here I got a garden of over 350 m2 and then I play with my pigeons size Freek Rotman, which resulted in numerous championships, this was to 2012, by disease myself, we are from the end 2012 fly from the address of my partner and I kept the breeders home. After a tough year with many hospital visits began late 2013 some see better and I was able to focus on growing and Freek kept the racers. (Stock building still see newspaper clippings from books and newspapers and photographs of these birds)

But then fate hit back to end 2013 I was suddenly told that my pigeon friend William Toss in the hospital was ended by a heart attack and this was the 2nd time with various diversions. His girlfriend came to me to ask if I wanted to take care of his pigeons which of course was absolutely no problem, though my health was not too good but this was a necessity and they should be treated equally for all put to the side. After a hospital period for William and long-term rehabilitation (spacious 4 months) he slowly after his loft gone, in the meantime I had a 30 youngsters (March 2014) Willem grown from my breeding pigeons so Willem 2014 with the youngsters could still play which resulted in 3rd Designated Champion Youngsters Pv. From Reisduif, o.a. with 1st Morlincourt 240 pigeons, 4e Maaseik 583 pigeons, 2e Arras 335 pigeons, 6and Isnes 376 pigeons.

In april 2014 William gave to it all became too much for him and that he wanted to sell the breeders, after consultation (William had the last 8 year for a capital invested in top pigeons) We then sell chosen a different solution; I've taken all breeders William, below 2 conditions and a fixed amount of money and put William receives an annual round of youngsters from his stock pigeons and from the trunk lines that I had to sit there and so all parties can only become better and stronger it.

But in the late summer of 2015 yet another disaster hit, and suddenly came to an end, the combination Kniest-Rotman, this illness Freek (after an accident with his bike) he could not provide more racers, The farmers were always at my home and flyers at home Freek, this was from the end 2012 though as yet resulted in 2013 direct. O.a. with 4 x 1st prize with the youngsters and the natoervluchten in Pv. The Reisduif and himself was a 1st in the CC4 played. (Hengelo / Borne / Beckum / Hengevelde). We flew o.a. 1e 287 pigeons, 1e 964 pigeons, 1e 498 pigeons, 1-3e and 4e-van 400 pigeons and the 2nd of 337 pigeons, 8e 928 pigeons, 10e 818 pigeons and only with youngsters.

Therefore, we in Autumn 2015 Hand beaten together and we came up with a new idea, I (Richard assisted by daughter Brittney) will engage in the culture, and from 2016 we go from 2 different pens fly o.a. Willem home and 2016 Also at myself at home with the youngsters. (now beginning 2016 are they 3 huddle, become, Hans herein also Luke Ones brother Freek involved), In addition, we want to let other fans take advantage of our great culture strain of pigeons. This cooperation has become the impetus for a new name BREEDING LOFT TWENTE and Website, we have built by Marcel Heinen. It will be a site with comprehensive information about us and our pigeons and performance that we earn from.

Breeding and racing pigeons are our passion and we strive for perfection. This website is a presentation of some of our pigeons. Pigeon racing is a sport that is practiced in many countries of the world, and every lover strives for success. Apart from good accommodation is breeding pigeons very important. One must have the right pigeons with good and sufficient qualities. With these principles we have selected growers on top lofts in the Netherlands and abroad.

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