It's not just that we ourselves hard flying pigeons, but there are also other fanciers who perform well with pigeons.

Some enthusiasts flying hard with our pigeons:

  • Hans Lucassen, Almelo
  • Joop v.d. Low, Stolwijk
  • Comb. Wouters, Oudewater
  • Comb. Fast Cluistra, Oudewater
  • William v.d. Throw, Borne
  • You Beerendonk, New Vennep
  • Marco Vroegindeweij, Oude Tonge
  • Wiljo Rotman, Born
  • Gebr. Rotman, Borne
  • B. Timmer,

But also abroad was great served by our pigeons:

  • Josef Kolácek, Brno Czech Republic
  • Uwe Wollitzer, Karlsruhe Germany (see media / Newspaper clippings)
  • Rob v.d. Vlekkert, Germany
  • DVM. Václav FrŠlínek, Brno Czech Republic
  • Miroslav Borijan, Brno Czech Republic
  • Vitezslav Snovícký, Great Bílovice Tsjechië
  • Lucie Snovícký, Great Bílovice Tsjechië

And the list is much longer the last 10 year at home- and abroad.

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