New purchases 2015 in 2016 we breeding loft.


15-141fOf 129 in 141 come from Spyke (from kl.zn 46) X blaze out (Kl.dtr 613 Klak Reusel)

End 2015 I along with my pigeons size / friend even discussed what was necessary for addition to the breeding loft and that has resulted in a few new purchases if there was 1 duller and 2 our hens duivenvriend Aad Beerendonk and from this the top lines of the 83 in 84 Jan Ouwerkerk, also came 3 grandsons famous 231 Floor English by Anton Ruitenberg, and finally we bought early 2016 a Granddaughter Bendner in 2 cocks Marcel Krouwel (son Sander Krouwel) the father of the 2 cocks coming out Grandson 46 Verbart, The mother comes from inbreeding x Grandson Granddaughter 613 Klak from Reusel.

The first young of these pigeons lie in the shell, and there may be with 7 their off days, and which are just linked Krouwel.

We also wish all friends a healthy pigeons but especially sports 2016 and hope that many will again succeed with our pigeons.

As of March some youngsters are again available from our growers.

Met sportgroeten,

Breeding Loft Twente.

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