Hans Breuker

Breuker Hengelo a friend, one size, but especially topduivenliefhebber.

Who Hans know well can tell you all about him, Hans is not the biggest scraper in his loft and hold his own dry manure method in his loft.

Hans says always race I did not otherwise called `Hans Breuker ras`. He always says that big names only commercially and he often also has equal but then come back to the `Breuker ras` I can say the following, Race Breuker is built on 5/6 racial or pigeons, his tribe is built with direct pigeons of Klak, Meijwes pigeons (Janssen A). Martens and Zn, Rider Mountain ( Ruiterberg his cock), Herman Dijkstra Beckum and recently some pigeons for the Fond.

Hans has had top breeders in his loft or in his loft that are too old or already dead. A real highlight is the Emma miraculous breeding hen Martens and Zn, a son of Emma NL03-595 Shale is ok such a great breeding cock, and de NL 91-227 Blue Bull through Ruiterberg a pure Janssen A and father 12 different 1and winners with 7 different hens and now 5 generation there are more than 40 1and Prize winners emerged.

Another highlight is the NL92-134 (Dijkstra son golden couple) of 134 father of 7 first one 1and winners with 3 different hens, NL04-038 is the granddaughter of the Blue Bull and 134. Of 038 was in 2006 1and pigeon champion in the circle and flew 5 x a 1and price and is half sister to the mother of the best pigeon Vitesse WHZB 2014 his cousin John Breuker. I can of the `Race Breukers` and his top pigeons have a small book full of writing, Breeding Loft Twente has as its top or children or siblings on the breeding loft.

As Emma, Blue Bull, Of 134, Of 06, Bullet, Of 900, Bow, Of 038, Two Corner, Of 527, Wing, From heks, Of 08 etc. A super stock pigeons flying from 100 t/m 800 KM.

That the pigeons from Hans Breuker demand we have learned together or descendants of Hans as of Breeding Loft Twente or will represent the Czech Republic at large and Manifestation itself at the Olympiad of Budapest, Hans has this year already reached the Czech Republic pigeons newspaper and a friend of Richard goes like 1and reserve after the Olympiad in Budapest with a young pigeon that a small child is Johnny Quick.

Brother v.d. 900 Son v.d. 43 Super Son 060
Son v.d. 43[/caption]
Son Bullet The famous 30 Brother v.d. Bullet

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