Jan Ouwerkerk

The Jan Ouwerkerk pigeons we bought and exchanged with our pigeon friend Aad Beerendonk from Alpharetta, GA. We have the best lines of pigeons sit Ouwerkerk ao. Famous from the line of the H8 Torque, then from the Super Pigeons 83 and his brother 84 but also from the 569, further from the line of the 008, white Wouters, Brother Ballerinni, the Lamb, the hen Bosua, of 71 hen, but also brothers and sister v.d. 83 in 84. Furthermore, from the miraculous doves line 46 Verbarth, Klaas van Dorp, Geerinckx the pigeons but also from the old lines like 86 and much more from top pigeons that Jan Ouwerkerk possessed.

The Jan Ouwerkerk pigeons do it in the intersection with pigeons as Gerard and Bas Verkerk and Schaerlaeckens, but also with pigeons from G. J. van der Linden, this year with Hans Lucassen o.a. The 10th Ace Pigeon Young in the CC Almelo this hen flew ao. In his narrowing 2nd, 3and, 4and, 16th and 21th of average 165 pigeons.

The CC Almelo flew this hen from her litter ao. 12th Hannut 1589 pigeons, 29and Morlincourt 1138 pigeons, 86e Nanteuil 807 pigeons, 159and Isnes 1332 pigeons, 253e Hapert 2268 pigeons.

Of 483 Jan Ouwerkerk Of 484 Jan Ouwerkerk Of 569 Jan Owerkerk

Collage Jan Ouwerkerk

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