Bert and Roger Martens

The solid foundation of the Martens pigeons bring back to several years after the 2and world war, father Harrie Martens when the thread caught in the pigeon. Bert's son Harry was as a young boy in his crib in the attic and heard the patter and all cooing of doves later quickly got his attention.

Meanwhile Bert is already 60 year in the sport. Roger, Bert's son is starting his 12 th year in the sport. The tribe Martens is constructed with o.a. Shale Sjeng at the Camp, these unmarried lover and collector of top pigeons bought them at home and abroad.

The old Shale was bred from 2 pigeons Piet Meijwis from Groningen and there were the purest Janssen pigeons came later from there Loon pigeons and doves Nic Janssen Land Field, later pigeons from Leo Janssen from Hulsberg and this man possessed pure Boxtel pigeons.

In 1974 Bert and Roger bred from a son of the Old Shale paired against Vermeijen hen, their famous Merckx of '74 this was a star with kite 8 x 1and price and 1996 3and Asduif WHZB. Merckx now this is their stock pigeon and the Merkx were grown many top racer and breeder.

In 2005 were directly Jos and Jules Engels pigeons reached at. These were kept pure what brought no success. The English pigeons were later crossed with their old stock pigeons and directly 1and prize winners on the assembly line.

From many top pigeons Martens and Zn are still descendants in Breeding Loft Twente in the loft Grow, o.a. children and grandchildren of the nl95-251 1and Speed 2and Asduif '97, 1and Asduif '98 2and Asduif '99, but also his brother and nl93-656 657 in NL00-190, nl95-522 Martens Pigeon sister of Emma H. Breuker ( Mother Emma and 522 is halfzuster 251-656-657 etc. From nl04-224 in 225 two daughters of the top hens nl00-190 that again a direct son of the nl93-657 is. ( brother 656 in 251 etc.). A super race pigeons 100 t/m 750 km. Furthermore, Breeding Loft Twente a brother and sister from Martens are great 647 with 1and Sample. Sezanne 9632 dv, in 6and Sample. Orleans, the sister of the 647 grew it all a great hen o.a. already have a 25and NPO flew on a long distance flight.

Furthermore there 2 half-brothers of the 423 and this half-brothers already gave again 1and winners a race where one can last for years ahead and every year 1and winners will be grown from.

NL10-1968413 NL11-1005782 NL09-1482759

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