Breeding Loft Twente

The stock building of Breeding Loft Twente is also called the Twente Ros in the Twente popularly.

The Twente Ros consists of a number of birds and a number of varieties and here one has developed its own Twente Ros. The strain varieties they were used before mainly A lot of Janssen pigeons, through different lovers, o.a. your a Clip, van Gompel, 46 Verbart, Hans Breuker, Color Buis, Anton Ruitenberg, A. Painters Bladel and doves Aad Beerendonk (Ouwerkerk) and Martens and Son from Elsloo.

Below we will describe some of pigeons ao. the NL97-1024289 (Stamduif A) from the line of Klak v.d. Dark Sitter, Spotted Prut, Good Bonte, Light 903 from 1976, light 62 from 1978 etc. Of 800 a top racer and breeder and father v.d. NL05-2022321 Davino, the father of weather the NL06-1681800 General Ace pigeon 2009 the interplay Borne but also 2and Speed 1and Midfond duifkampioen flew o.a. 1and Hasselt 1014 dv. Of 800 is also father v.d. NL13-744 the de 1and flew into the CC4 on Natoer. Of 800 is the brother of the other amazing cock and does NL07-1292003 Johnny Quick in 7 days 2 x 1and flew price, and the father again, great- and great-grandfather of certain 20 1and winners in small- and large mortgage. A daughter of Johnny Quick is the NL08-1577926 she was paired against the NL08-1244007 James 007 Kees Cluistra from Polsbroek, of 007 caught 2010 19 prices 22 times set with o.a. a 4and, 3and, 8and,9and etc. The Disconnect 007 x 926 Many top emerged as you see Johnny inheritance Quick. Another pigeon is the NL99-1191479 Our clean Blauwke a daughter from a Grandson of the famous 613 Jos de Klak of Reusel, of 479 is the mother of Johnny Quick and the 800 two top racers and breeders.

Another highlight is Stamduif B the NL97-1024284 (died in July 2011) Super kite and a larger grower, gives this cock from 1998 with different hens Toppers off. Of 284 is the blood of Peer van Gompel (this man has many direct Klak pigeons in the years 70 in 80) x Klak and Line Light 103 of Klak, Good Bonte, The bright 903 from 1976 etc. Of 284 was with the Bennie Flapper hen the top couple and parents of the 903 accounted for more than 50 prices 1and Ruffec, of 905 with 20and NPO Chateaudun 9912 pigeons. The Flapper hen broke 2005 at home both her legs below as well as above and unfortunately I had to relieve her pain, but there was a new hen and called the NL03-5321007 daughter of Calamaris Combination Kobesen-Doornenbal from Didam, the loft with many top pigeons and the father of Mario Doornenbal was a friend of my father and Henk Kobesen the neighbor behind us in Didam. This One 007 was a mega-grower and paternal from Calamaris 3and Chateaudun 5830 pigeons, 19and Bourges 3931 pigeons etc., and this came out of pure Janssen pigeons A through Kuiper from Hoorn, the mother of the 007 Jenny and she flew 1and Morlincourt 2477 pigeons and comes from Grandson Sissi Schaerlaeckens.

Of 284 in the 007 his parents and grandparents of many top pigeons that are still in the breeding loft ao. the NL07-1292008 a super breeder, NL07-1292009 mother of NL08-926, NL08-1018292 Gold Kweekduifke, This hen has already given so many good o.a. 159-285-420-425-467-903-904-123-124 and so on GROW SUPER STAR. And then the mother of the NL06-1681791 09-687 1and General Ace pigeon Old 2011 in conjunction Borne.

Another Dream Dreaming Star Feedback is NL06-1876124 NL06-1889350 x Gold Bolleke, they are the parents of the NL09-1756956 they flew 5 x 1and price at Combine. Fast Cluistra and then sold to Combine. Wouters Oudewater. Of 124 in 2014 lent 1 year B. Timmer and he bred equal 3 amazing boy who flew head on the National race Troyes 2014.

The other pigeons who are woven into our Twente Ros Martens and Zn., Hans Breuker and since 2014 the pigeons Aad Beerendonk of pure Ouwerkerk and Schaerlaeckens pigeons.

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