Jos and Jules Engels

Jos and Jules Engels famous pigeon breed from Belgium a loft with many Regional, Provincial and National winners but also Olympiad pigeon ao. Their famous Marieke. We are happy all their famous lines can get what we want, and we have grown from this great toppigeons refer back to our racers but also to our growers.

We were allowed to draw from the famous lines of the father and mother Marieke, but also from sister Marieke, further from the line of the B86-231 and son are the B94-178 strain carriers of the last 20 year of the breed English, further we got from their line of Brother of the 1st Nat. Argenton but also from Argenton, Half Brother. 1and Prov. Le Mans, from father (Zn 178) 1and Prov. Salbris and many more of the top lines Hok English.

The B94-178 is a super breeder as he is father of the 1st Prov B95-036. Chateauroux, B98-417 1e Prov. Bourges, B99-734 1e Prov. Argenton and 2nd semi National of 8405 pigeons, B03-222 4e Night. Argenton 3994 pigeons, but the 178 is also the grandfather of the,

  • 1e National Limoges 1987 dv,
  • 1th National Limoges Zone 3764 dv,
  • 2e Provincial Bourges 3193 dv,
  • 3National Bourges 17138 dv,
  • 8th National Chateauroux 8353 dv,

Some descendants of these pigeons were both with us and with Martens and Son all top prizes in the NPO as well as on the National races head.

english7den231 English17894
marieke eng7den_734_foto

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